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Fire Extinguisher Box Tube APAR
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Specification of

Selling fire extinguishers from APAR box, fire extinguisher, box hydrant, fire alarm and other safety equipments.

Specification Box Tabung APAR we sell:

- 1,2 Mm Platform
- Finishing with Powder Coating
- Box equipped with glass and lock box
- Available various sizes Uk 1-9Kg - For Tubes Co2 Uk 2,3 - 6,8 Kg

The existence of the APAR box as fire equipment and equipment is essential to complete the fire safety system especially in high rise buildings, so that if something unwanted happens it can be resolved as soon as possible with proper and procedural fire safety system.

We also provide other sizes and specifications for the sale price of fire-fighting equipment depending on product specifications and requests. More info can contact our contacted CS who have available.

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