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Fire Alarm Type KP - 301
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Sell Fire Alarm red color with type KP-301 cheap and reliable quality.

Fire alarm or fire alarm is one fire protection security system that works with fire detector system that detects heat and smoke then sends a signal to fire alarm to sound and give the blast by issuing a fast alarm sound so that the people in the building can exit immediately from the place.

Adapaun specification of fire alarm with type KP-301 is as follows:

Type / Type: Fire Alarm Bell Type KP-301
DC Rated Voltage: 12V Model (16/8) DC
Voice Output Reach: 1 meter @ 92Dba
Operating System Temperature Beep: -20C For 70C
Current consumption: 30 Ma
Alarm Weight: 743Gm / 805Gm
Completed: Signal Red

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