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Haws 7500 Emergency Eyewash
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06 Dec 2019
United States
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Specification of

Safety Equipment Haws 7500



Tank: 16 Gallon Capacity. Fda High-Density Polyethylene Material.

Portability: Has Single Top Handle For Easy Carrying When Empty And Dual Double-Wide Integral Side Handles To Facilitate Two Person Handling When Filled.

Features: Threaded Cap And Wide Fill Opening For Easy Filling, Inspection And Cleaning. In Stand-By Position, Eyewash Heads Are Protected In A Recessed Area From Airborne Debris. Drain Hose Provided With Unit. No Loose Parts To Get Lost Or Damaged

Color: Highly Visible Yellow Arm Distinguishes Itself From The Safety Green Tank Allowing It To Be Located And Activated.

Flushing Time: Over 15 Minutes Of Full Flow Pattern At Not Less Than 0.4 Gpm (1.5 Liters Per Minute)

Mounting: Can Be Wall Mounted (Bracket Included) Or Shelf Mounted.

Hydrosep: Bacteriostatic Additive To Permit Storage Of Water For Several Months (Model 9081).


Measurements: 22-1/2&Quot; High, 21-1/2&Quot; Wide, 19-1/2&Quot; Deep

Shipping Weight: 17 Lbs.

Options (Additional Cost)

Model 9125: Thermal Protection Jacket.

Recommended For Areas Where Extreme Heat Or Sunlight Might Cause Water To Overheat.

Model 9008: Cart

Model 9009: Waste Water Container


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