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 Safety glasses
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Specification of

Safety glasses

Personal protective equipment is a compulsory completeness that must be used to safeguard workers' safety while performing work that poses a potential hazard or safety risk. Safety glasses are one of the most common personal protective equipment provided by distributors or selling safety equipment. The type of protective goggles that cover the area around the eye, used to protect the eyes from dust and spark chemicals. Useful as an eye protector while working and protect the eyes from a very dazzling light such as welding.

Selling safety equipment

Many sources of danger when you work in a factory that threatens the safety of your eyes. The type of protective eyewear consists of:

- Safety Spectacles
  Has a shape like ordinary glasses that serves to protect the eyes from
  The danger of springboard, dust, small particles and can reduce
  From the blinding light.

- Safety Goggles
  The shape is attached right on the face, protecting from the dangers of sparking material
  Chemistry, smoke, steam, dust and springboard.

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