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ZEKI Siamese Connection Fire Extinguishers
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Sell Fire Extinguisher Siamese Connection Type S7 Vdh Coupling

Siamese Connection is one of the hose couplings fire extinguishers that have the function of supplying or supplying water from fire trucks to the installation of fire equipment in the building. ZEKI or OZEKI is one of the most trusted and qualified siamese connection brands. Wita Kharisma Jaya provides various size of this fire extinguisher coupling with the size you need. The SPEKSIFY and features of ZEKI Siamese Connection are as follows:

Type or Model: S7 Vdh Coupling

Size: 4 & Quot; X 21/2 & Quot; X21 / 2

The selling price of ZEKI Siamese connction fire extinguishers depends on size.

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