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Thermatic Fire Extinguisher or Servvo APAR
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Specification of

Fire Extinguisher Servvo Thermatic

Servvo Thermatic is a fire extinguisher with NAF PIV media (NON HALON - NON CFC), equipped with a heat detector (sprinkler), which will automatically work to spray the media when the temperature reaches 68 ° C. Media NAF PIV is a special gas media for Fire Extinguisher (APAR) which is safe for human, clean and leaves no residue / residue. We sell fire extinguisher is environmentally friendly, because it is registered in EPA SNAP LIST (Environment Protection Agency - Significant New Alternative Policy), and also from the Department of the Environment.

Sell ​​Fire Extinguisher Servvo Thermatic Murah

Servvo Thermatic works on the ceiling of the room to be protected. When the temperature reaches 68 ° C, the bulb sprinkler will be split, and automatically, the NAF PIV gas medium will soon be sprayed to extinguish the fire. Technical specifications are:

- Type: STORED PRESSURE N2 (Nitrogen)
- Model: TNF-500
- Springkler Detector Temprature: 68 ° C
- Net Capacity (NAFF PIV Content): 5 kg
- Coverage Area: 27 m3
- Total Height: 380 mm
- Diameter of Tubes: 220 mm
- Total Weight: 8.9 kg


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