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Orange Safety Jackets are one of the important safety equipment in the firefighting industry. PT. Wita Kharisma Jaya provides Orange Safety Jackets designed to provide optimal protection for firefighters. Orange Safety Jacket Specifications

Orange Safety Jackets have a variety of specifications that make them an ideal choice for a firefighter's protection needs. Some of the main specifications to pay attention to are:

  • Color: Orange, making it easier to identify firefighters in the field.
  • Material: Made from materials that are resistant to fire and high heat, thus providing optimal protection for firefighters.
  • Design: Designed with an ergonomic and comfortable design, allowing firefighters to move freely and flexibly.
  • Additional Features: Comes with additional features such as reflective strips to increase visibility at night or other low visibility conditions.

Function of Orange Safety Jacket

Orange Safety Jackets have the main function of providing protection for firefighters in various situations. The main functions are:

  • Protection from heat and fire: This jacket is designed to withstand high heat and fire, thereby protecting the firefighter's body from dangers that may occur in the field.
  • Officer identification: The striking orange color makes it easier to identify firefighters in situations that may be filled with smoke and chaos.

Orange Safety Jacket Application

Orange Safety Jackets can be used in a variety of firefighting applications, including:

  • Firefighter: As part of a firefighter's equipment to provide protection for officers while carrying out their duties.
  • Mining: Used by mining officers to provide protection when in an environment with the potential for fire or explosion.
  • Chemical Industry: As additional protection for officers working in the chemical industry which has a high risk of fire.

Advantages of Orange Safety Jackets

  • Resistant to heat and fire: Made from materials that are resistant to heat and fire, thus providing maximum protection for officers.
  • Comfortable to wear: Ergonomic and comfortable design allows officers to work optimally without feeling disturbed by the jacket.
  • High visibility: The striking orange color and reflective strips increase officer visibility in the field, minimizing the risk of accidents.
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