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Fire Alarm System
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Sell ​​Fire Alarm of various brands and quality, fire alarm brand BOSCH, NITTAN, APOLLO, NOHMI, Protec, Notifier etc.

Fire systems on building security, buildings and factories already have their own rules and standards. And of course the standard must be met and executed, so that in case of fire at a certain time can be overcome with and minimize the incidence of fires become larger.

Fire alarm is one component of fire system that must be equipped with SNI quality standard. Fire alarms detect fires in installed areas. Made to sound noisy and flash camp / indicator lights controlled panel and sound. So the people who are around the scene can save themselves.

We WITA KHARISMA JAYA sell quality fire alarms and national standard that will help you monitor the security of the factory or building you have from a fire disaster. If the property you own does not have a fire alarm system, whereas a fire within 30 seconds will quickly spread, you will most likely incur major losses because the property is burned.

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