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Breathing Mask Respirator I
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22 Nov 2019
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Specification of

Full breathing masks shield, chemical respirator
Silicone face shield
4 colors frame for selection
cert. Ccs, ce
one filter
full face shield mask, chemical respirator

This kind of respirator is essential personal poison-gas-protecting respiratory apparatus when fire broke out in hotels, office buildings, department stores, banks, post and telecommunications, pwer industries, public entertainment places and stay housed, etc.

1. Anti-fog
2. Large mask with a full field of view
3. The silicone rubber 3

product description

  • specially designed according to the shape of the human face, anti-fog, unique double ani-mist.
  • Outside of the lens surface hardening techniques procssed with the most advanced in the world, the service life is 3-4 times than common protective mask.
  • Both affect the ability of resistance, it is the best choice for you
  • single - type tube and double-tube for selection, provide the best security protection for your employees

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