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Fire Extinguisher Tubes - Thermatic System
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Fire Extinguisher Tubes - Thermatic System

The Function Of Automatic Fire Extinguishers (Make) As &Quot;A Substitute Alternatively&Quot; Fire Sprinkler System Installed Above The Ceiling And The Number Of Installed Modules Tailored To The Needs Of The Volume Of The Room To Be Protected. Automatic Extinguisher System Is Going To Work When There's Smoke/Flame Was Detected Early By Pengindera Electronics (Sensor).

Therefore, If Multiple Units Are Installed In One Room Will Work Simultaneously Because The Tip Of The Nozzle/Sprinkler Tool Is Equipped With An Actuator Work Electronically.

These Tools Also Function As Make When Room Temperature Becomes Hot Heat In Temperatures Of Approximately 70 &Deg; C.

Installation Of Hidden In The Ceiling Or Suspended Above The Objects/Equipment To Be Protected. Easy To Pengecekannya, Because It Comes Pressure Gauge (Pressure Gauge) Are Easily Visible. The Scope Of A Torrent Of &Plusmn; 3 M2 For Ceiling Height 2, 5 M.

These Advantages And The Excess Tube Type Fire Extinguishers Make Auto Sprinkler Extinguishing Material Medium &Quot;Halon Free&Quot; Size: 3 Kg, 5 Kg, .9 Kg

Type: Make




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